Acting responsibly towards people and the planet


At Arva Greentech, we think long-term. We care for a sustainable development of our business while maintaining ecological balance, employee well-being, and community welfare. As a pioneer in the industry we offer innovative, eco-friendly applications.

In addition, we provide engineering and consulting to help our partners in protecting the environment. We are proud to directly act in 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and indirectly influence almost all others. We care. How could we not.

Solutions that make a difference

Up to

less CO₂ emission during remediation

up to 75 %

less CO₂ emission during remediation


environmentally neutral process


toxic waste or other harmful by-products

A measurable

We conduct life cycle assessments (LCAs) for every product and technology in our portfolio. LCAs aim to evaluate the environmental impact throughout a product’s entire lifespan, helping us demonstrate our resource efficiency, low carbon footprint and sustainable remediation practices. This empowers us to assist our customers in making informed, eco-conscious decisions.

"Arva’s core principle is a sustainable eco-economic development".

Living our
ESG Rating

This year, we’re undergoing assessment by a prestigious agency to evaluate our entire organisation. This includes ESG management, focusing on the integration of key aspects of sustainable corporate governance, as well as the sustainability of our products and services. Also under the microscope are potential conflicts in business conduct and our response to controversial incidents. We are looking forward to the results.

our environmental policy

What we are committed to: Our Environmental Policy

Arva Greentech provides leading technologies, products, and methods in the following spheres: Large-scale sustainable remediation of oil-polluted soils. Disposal of oil sludges and other contaminated substrates. Treatment of a wide range of organic soilings on various surfaces.

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green and

Every year, the German economy honours companies as the “Green Innovator of the Year” that stand out in their industries for their strong commitment to sustainability. In 2023, Arva Greentech was awarded for its environmentally neutral and cost-efficient approach to surface and floor cleaning, of which we are very proud.