A superoxidation that changes

Our patented process for soils and surfaces

At Arva, we offer an in-house developed patented process for environmentally neutral degradation of hydrocarbons. Our flexible technology, the first of its kind, harnesses a chemical reaction known as superoxidation.

Through its application, a diverse array of organic pollutants is converted into harmless end products.

Turning contaminations into bioavailable compounds

Arvox A and B react,
oxygen radicals develop


Our solution relies on two components: Arvox A and Arvox B. These components comprise a sophisticated blend of various oxidants, catalysers, surfactants and specialized pH regulators and are added sequentially. Their reaction initiates the development of powerful superoxide radicals that attack all kinds of organic matter.

Radicals attack contaminants, leading to decomposition


The targeted hydrocarbon compounds are either destroyed through mineralization or transformed into biodegradable end products. The main reaction runs intensively in the first 30-60 minutes. Depending on the level of contamination, total organic content (TOC) and substrate alkalinity, the reaction may continue for a few days or even weeks with minor intensity inside the material.

Leaving behind only
eco-friendly products


Petroleum hydrocarbon compounds are converted into biodegradable harmless end products or even completely decomposed without generating secondary waste. What remains after the reaction itself is mostly: water, oxygen, and sodium carbonate, also known as washing soda which are naturally occurring substances. No combustion or massive carbon dioxide emissions.

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