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At Arva Greentech we provide leading products and procedures tailored for eco-friendly and rapid cleaning and remediation. Our unique approach revolves around a patented oxidation process, which efficiently decomposes hydrocarbons in an environmentally neutral manner.

Building upon this, we have developed technologies suitable for large-scale industrial use as well as for commercial entities and private households.

AN impactful innovation

a green approach

Our applications are environmentally neutral. No harmful residues are created in the process, all end products are biodegradable. Cleaned soil can remain in the environment and, depending on the substrate, can even be recycled.


It’s just a matter of hours: Our products remediate substrates in as little as 30 to 120 minutes. Optimised for different regions and waste types, they are significantly more efficient and cost-effective than many conventional methods.

Remarkably flexible

Whether applied in-situ or ex-situ, as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other decontamination techniques: Our proven methods are applicable in various scenarios, worldwide, wherever they are needed.

a science-based

We are proud to hold the patent for a groundbreaking superoxidation process. We call it Arvox and it represents a pioneering approach for effectively cleaning and remediating almost all forms of petroleum hydrocarbon pollution.

let's stop
oil waste

Our industrial applications provide an answer to a critical global issue: the incineration of petroleum-contaminated waste. With our technology, the need for such practices is virtually eliminated. This is positive news for businesses and the environment alike: Compared to conventional methods, our solutions reduce CO₂ emissions and other greenhouse gases by up to 75%.

on a mission to protect the planet

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Dubai as Central Hub

Our branch established in Dubai in 2023 has become the central hub for our operations in the GCC states. From here, we can efficiently manage projects and deliver our products

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