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Degrading Hydrocarbons


Track bed cleaning


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Green cleaning

Arva Greentech provides procedures and products for the fast and eco-friendly degradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated soils, sludges, track beds and on surfaces.


Large-scale test: Arvox integration in soil treatment facility

In close cooperation with Umweltschutz Ost GmbH of the Zech Umwelt Group, the Arva team carried out a large-scale test in a soil treatment plant in North-East Germany. Spray systems were used to apply the liquid Arvox components to the contaminated soil. The video documentation shows the technical setup and the treatment of the material contaminated with mineral oil and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

“Real Innovators”

How does the scientific team work? What makes Arvas’s solutions unique? What are the market chances? – A conversation with Dr. Sergey Seryy, Head of Research & Development

What we do

Natural dedication

Arva is the only company to offer an eco-friendly oxidation process that can decompose a broad spectrum of hydrocarbons. These include compounds found throughout the world in railway systems, contaminated soils and mineral waste.

Scientific Approach

Our solutions are based on natural chemical processes. The development and optimisation are driven by the latest scientific knowledge and ensure a verifiable environmental safety. The cleaned soils can remain in the environment without affecting the ecosystem.

Who we are

Professional passion

We are scientists, engineers, business professionals. We are environmentalists, happy to serve our clients with professional tailor-made services and personal passion.


Alina Thorweihe
Operations & Human Resources

Anna Petrova
Financial Modelling Specialist

Andrew Grygorets
Sales & Procurement Manager

Bernd Sydow
CEO & Chairman of the Board

Hanna Yakovlieva
Assistant to the Head of Technology and Operations

Manon Wilken
Project Manager Cleaning Technologies

Dr. Mykola Gora
Head of Technology & Operations

Oskar Lienemann
Executive Assistant

Philipp Pommerenke
Business Development

Roland Hubatschek
Senior Consultant Cleaning Technologies

Dr. Sergey Seryy
Head of Research & Development

Sven Nagel
Managing Director

Volodymyr Harkavenko
Research & Development

Dr. Willian Menezes
Project Manager Cleaning Technologies

Our approach

Ecology and green chemistry

Most existing remediation methods are insufficient. They are often expensive and produce toxic by-products. Our processes are environmentally friendly, sustainable and follow the principles of “Green Chemistry”: We work with environmentally neutral reactions, which have no negative impact on our ecosystems in both production and application.

Our vision

We want to make the world cleaner and greener. We are convinced that it is possible to solve environmental problems in an efficient and sensible manner with innovative and simple approaches. We believe that “Green Technologies” are the future ensuring a healthy environment and economic growth.

Our principles

It has a special charm to build a global company with green technology.
We solve environmental problems caused by humans.
We are convinced that complex environmental problems can be solved efficiently and simply.
We contribute to a green and clean environment.