Science-based solutions
for a healthy planet


Our planet needs help, and we believe the solutions lie within research. We are an R&D-focused company, developing technologies for the rapid and eco-friendly degradation and disposal of petroleum hydrocarbons and other types of persistent pollutants.

What we have developed so far can certainly be described as a game changer. It makes the remediation of oil sludge, for example, much more economical. In this way, science can help to bring about changes that benefit the environment and companies alike.

In-house research

With our small team of experienced scientists, we have implemented flexible and fast scientific research and product development processes. Depending on the project, we leverage the expertise of external specialists with unique skills and specific knowledge to support our own R&D team. This enables us to quickly deliver results across a wide range of scientific inquiries. 

Productive collaborations were also integral to the development of our two-component superoxidation technology. Research was conducted in cooperation with several scientific institutions in Germany (Technical University of Berlin), Ukraine (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University), and Azerbaijan (A. Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences).

Arvox and its application processes are registered as patents at the European Patent Office (EPO) and at the Word Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent family is based on the original Arva patent filed in 2018. As a second step product specific patents were filed for Surface Cleaning and Remediation. Arva is continuously developing further and more specific patents to increase the IP protection. The development and optimisation are driven by latest scientific knowledge and ensure a verifiable environmental safety.

Advanced Research: Bioremediation


One of our current research projects focuses on bioremediation. Our aim is to further support our Arvox SRT technology, utilising indigenous bacteria to reach the lowest TPH possible and minimise the carbon footprint of the entire treatment procedure. The project is based on one of our most significant recent scientific discoveries: Our remediation approach offers an exceptionally effective junction with biological soil restoration methods, as the end-products of Arvox SRT reaction are highly bioavailable.

Our microbiologist has developed a unique system to activate native microbiota that we are currently testing. We believe that implementing proper biological post-treatment at the remediated site can not only sequester carbon emissions but also positively impact the local microclimate. Biologically active soil efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide, exhibits high resilience against desertification, and provides an excellent substrate for afforestation.

Advanced Research: Arvox Dry

We are currently developing Arvox Dry for surface cleaning purposes. We are exploring options to manufacture it in powder form and as effervescent instant tablets to be dissolved in water, utilising our new durable, reusable Twin Sprayer bottles. With Arvox Dry, we aim to enhance our environmental sustainability: by reducing single-use plastic consumption, eliminating spillage risks, decreasing load weights, and minimising emissions from logistics. Additionally, our solution reduces the need for shelf space and the frequency of deliveries.

Advanced Research: ISCO

The use of Arvox reagents in the In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) technique reduces the risk of adverse environmental consequences associated with soil remediation procedures. Arvox reagents are injected directly into the contaminated subsurface to degrade a wide range of pollutants in situ.

Injection intervals and depths are determined on an individual basis after assessing the specific volume of the contaminated area. While similar technologies already exist and are widely used worldwide, Arvox technology offers an environmentally neutral alternative to the hazardous ISCO methods typically employed.

"I believe that our scientific discoveries will position us as key players in the realm of environmentally sound and sustainable services. We have the potential to be true innovators in this market. Although we are a small entity, we possess all the necessary resources to take to this position".