What we are committed to: Our Environmental Policy

Arva Greentech provides leading technologies, products, and methods in the following spheres:

  • Large-scale sustainable remediation of oil-polluted soils.
  • Disposal of oil sludges and other contaminated substrates.
  • Treatment of a wide range of organic soilings on various surfaces.

As an innovator in this field, we offer 100% environmentally sound applications based on the principles of “green chemistry.” Additionally, Arva offers engineering and consultancy services, helping our partners to protect the environment in line with global best practices in this field.

This Environmental Policy takes into account hazards and risks existing in the oil industry and their impact on the environment. Arva’s core principle is a sustainable eco-economic development. We strive to minimise negative environmental and socio-economic effects.

In order to achieve this Arva undertakes the following commitments:

  • We strictly comply with the requirements of the national environmental legislation of the countries in which we operate.
  • We take into account the most progressive practices and best available technologies.
  • We ensure energy efficiency and cost-effective use of resources as well as the reduction and prevention of negative impacts on the environment.
  • We introduce and implement efficient environmental management in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001 international standard.
  • We promote environmental consciousness within our company, increase the educational level and proficiency in environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.
  • We motivate our team in order to use every employee’s creative potential for promoting efficient use of resources and their conservation, as well as energy efficiency and minimisation of negative impact on the environment.
  • We introduce appropriate management practices towards contractors and business partners in order to ensure their compliance with legal regulations and our Policy.

The entire management team ensures the implementation of this Policy while any and every of Arva’s employees implements this Policy daily. This Environmental Policy is brought to the notice of every team member and is subject to review, further development and improvement.



Bernd Sydow, CEO & President of the Board