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Arva Greentech

We are here to make a difference

In 2016 we embarked on a mission to make the world a cleaner and greener place. As an R&D-focused company we have developed an innovative method to decompose almost any type of petroleum hydrocarbon pollution.

Substrates such as oil based mud (OBM) or oil-contaminated soil can now be cleaned and remediated in an environmentally neutral and highly effective manner. A solution for many industries and a major step forward for the planet.


We are revolutionising conventional cleaning and remediation, driving the change towards sustainable practices. By supplying 100% environmentally neutral solutions we set unprecedented standards that can be embraced worldwide.

our mission

We develop and produce the greenest and most efficient cleaning and remediation technologies to save soils, minimise waste, enable recycling and conserve natural resources.

our values

We believe in solutions

We think that the world can be changed and we are doing our part to reduce the impact of human activity on this planet. We recognise challenges. We seek and find answers.

We believe in collaboration

Together, we shape the future. As a team, we work towards a common goal. We are united in our aim to be successful in what we do – it’s in our nature to make the world a better place.

We believe in diversity

Different skill sets, cultures, nationalities and identities are not only welcome here – we consider them crucial to fostering innovation and driving progress.

our team

our story


Our in-house R&D-Team starts basic research into the superoxidation reaction.


Our work shows promising results and we are able to register our first Arvox patent.


Registration of the Arvox trade mark with the European Patent and Trade Mark Office.

First soil treatment pilot project with Oman’s national oil company PDO.


Launch of our product family Arvox Pro, the 2-component surface cleaner for commercial use.

First successful surface cleaning project at the Neues Museum in Berlin with Arvox Pro.


Construction and implementation of the first mobile soil treatment plant in Oman.


Registration of the new patent for surface cleaning with Arvox.

Completion of first industrial scale treatment of oil based mud cuttings.


Launch of the new Twin Power brand, our 2-component cleaner for private use.

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