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Arva in move

Since September 2017, we have been working in the historic OSRAM light bulb factory in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Arva goes Switzerland – and beyond

The Swiss market is attractive for us and Arvox: high quality standards, superior materials, high purchasing power, great interest in environmentally neutral product.

Welcome to the team!

Over the past few month, we have welcomed some great new colleagues to the Arva team. High time for a short introduction!

Strong partners: Gegenbauer and GVS

The Gegenbauer Group, with around 18,000 employees and a group turnover of 840 million euros, is the number 5 leading facility service company in Germany –

Project in Oman expanded

Following the award of our first contract for the cleaning of 1,000 tonnes of oil sludge in Oman, our experts have now configured the appropriate mixing technology and submitted the technical planning.

2,000 litres for the Olympic Stadium

The running track around the lawn of the Berlin Olympic Stadium is dirty. All current cleaning methods have failed.

Over 400 Arvox displays in DIY stores

Arvox rocks Germany! We have now delivered over 400 Arvox displays, equipped with our special cleaners, to the OBI and Hornbach stores. Sales have already started.

New corporate structure of Arva Greentech

In order to reflect the focus of our different business areas, both main business units are now represented in separate companies as 100% subsidiaries of the parent company Arva Greentech AG

New patent and further products

For the application of Arvox Pro on plastic surfaces such as PVC as well as on metals e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, our colleagues in research and development are currently working on new product variants.

Arvox Pro at professional DIY stores

We successfully entered the market in 2021 with our surface cleaning business.

Greentech is a megatrend in waste management

The international waste management industry is currently experiencing a massive shift towards environmentally neutral technologies.

Contract from Oman

In our Soil Cleaning business unit we have now taken a decisive step forward in Oman.

The future of combined remediation

Successful DDT degradation with Arvox and bioremediation.

Oily sands successfully cleaned in Oman

Pilot tests for the decontamination of oily wastes successfully completed.

National museums in Berlin clean with Arvox

Arvox is now used for special cleaning in the Neues Museum in Berlin

Scientific article on Arvox plus Bioremediation

Biological and oxidative methods are often used to remediate oil-contaminated soil.

TU Berlin confirmed: Arvox produces washing soda

The degradation of hydrocarbons by superoxidation produces water, oxygen and Na2CO3 (sodium carbonate).

New in our product family: Arvox Pro

Arva introduces Arvox Pro, a product for the decontamination and cleaning of surfaces.

“We transfer science into efficient technologies”

Dr. Mykola Gora, Head of Technology and Operations talks about agile companies, scalability of lab results and his role at Arva

“Real Innovators”

How does the scientific team work? What makes Arvas’s solutions unique? What are the market chances? – A conversation with Dr. Sergey Seryy, Head of Research & Development

Markets, mission and new projects

CEO Bernd Sydow on strategy and focus, recent activities and future plans.

“We share a vision and know what to do”

Andrew Grygorets, sales and procurement manager, talks about his start at the company and how he develops the best offer for every customer

On the green side of chemistry

Dr. Willian Menezes, chemist and project manager at Arva Greentech, talks about what holds the world together, his initial skepticism about Arva’s technology and freedom in Berlin.

New Disclosure Duties for Holders of Bearer Shares

New changes in Swiss corporate law lead to disclosure duties for holders of bearer shares.

Bernd Sydow appointed CEO

Bernd Sydow , the new CEO of Arva AG , talks about his goals , the most important fields of action and his vision for the next five years.

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