The New Museum in Berlin cleans with Arvox Pro

After successful testing, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (State Museums of Berlin) have implemented Arvox Pro on a large scale for the first time. The New Museum has faced challenges in effectively and sustainably removing dirt from its marble concrete surfaces, designed specifically for star architect Chipperfiel.

Specialized cleaning and monument preservation experts at Kleine Reinigungs– und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (Small Cleaning and Service Company) have tackled the cleaning of the grand staircase hall in the New Museum. The use of Arvox Pro was approved by the Rathgen Research Laboratory after thorough evaluation.

Both the cleaning professionals and museum management expressed great satisfaction with the results. Arvox Pro proved highly effective in cleaning the grand staircase and the side staircases on the third floor. “The dirt was easily removed,” remarked the head building cleaner after completion. Its effectiveness makes Arvox Pro a highly productive cleaner. Cleaning will be conducted annually during the museum’s closing days. Additionally, regular use of Arvox Pro is planned for the central entrance building of the Museum Island, the James-Simon-Galerie, which is also predominantly constructed from specialized concrete.