The Gegenbauer Group, with around 18,000 employees and a group turnover of 840 million euros, is the number 5 leading facility service company in Germany –

and enthusiastic about Arvox. Together with Gegenbauer, we have successfully used Arvox in various pilot projects. For example, after using it on tiles in the kitchen area and wooden floors in the workshop of a Gegenbauer customer from the pharmaceutical industry, we received the following feedback from the responsible facility manager:


  • Processing very easy
  • Little consumption
  • Can be cleaned off very well
  • Quick good result
  • Customer thrilled
  • I am thrilled

The Arvox-Pro products are now listed in the internal cleaning agent register at Gegenbauer as special cleaners for the entire group. Our sales colleagues have visited Gegenbauer branches throughout Germany in a roadshow in the past weeks, presented Arvox and informed the teams for special cleaning projects about the range of applications.

Through the use at Gegenbauer, we are now also listed with Arvox at the GVS Group. The GVS Group is a nationwide association of specialist wholesalers with decades of know-how in professional cleaning and maintenance. The 17 GVS companies in Germany advise all the major players in the German cleaning industry nationwide with over 180 specialist consultants and 300 vehicles. We have already visited the first GVS companies, and further on-site appointments are currently being prepared.