Following the award of our first contract for the cleaning of 1,000 tonnes of oil sludge in Oman, our experts have now configured the appropriate mixing technology and submitted the technical planning.

Our client Maqshan Oil & Gas, is currently considering the conversion of existing mixers or the construction of a new mobile mixer plant.

In addition, the commissioning oil company PDO has extended the contract to include oil recovery. For this purpose, the oil sludge is to be separated into an oil phase and a water-solid phase using centrifugal technology prior to Arvox treatment in order to extract usable oil. The remaining sludge is less contaminated and thus easier to clean.

In parallel with the processing of this order, we are talking to other oil companies in the region. For this purpose, we have strengthened our team with a sales representative from Oman, who is already experienced in the oil industry and very well connected. This enables us to archive a permanent presence in the country and shorten the sales cycles until the respective deal is closed.