The international waste management industry is currently experiencing a massive shift towards environmentally neutral technologies.

Up to now, oil companies have still been using thermal processes to treat the contaminated sludge and sand produced during drilling and transport. So-called thermal desorption units (TDUs) are used to heat the substrates. This process requires high investments for the plants, it consumes a lot of energy in operation and also produces toxic waste.

For several decades PDO has played a pioneering role in the region when it comes to occupational safety, the environment and sustainability. Recently PDO’s management decided to stop using TDUs for remediation. Since this year the requirement to use environmentally neutral alternatives is also part of the tenders for waste management. Arva is clearly benefiting from this paradigm shift. With our PDO-approved oxidation process, we offer an innovative and sustainable solution for the entire Arab region.

International enquiries

Apart from Maqshan, we are currently talking to several oil companies and service providers in Oman and the Gulf States who are interested in using our process and asking us for quotations. Additional face-to-face meetings took place at ADIPEC the oil industry’s most important trade fair, which we attended in Abu Dhabi in November.