The running track around the lawn of the Berlin Olympic Stadium is dirty. All current cleaning methods have failed.

arvox im olympiastadion

The technical management asked the Arva experts to carry out application tests in the stadium. The result with Arvox, the dirt can be removed pore-deep from the plastic surface of the tartan track.

Now the largest single Arvox order in our young company history has been received! 2,000 litres of Arvox were delivered this week. Before Easter, a Berlin cleaning company will be working on the track so that everything will be clean again for the DFB Cup final ins May.

Our research and development department continues to optimise the formulations for various materials. After successful tests on different plastics, our scientists are currently working on a new special cleaner for synthetic surfaces. This Arvox variant already works very well on garden furniture, roller blinds, sunshades, boats and surfboards, running tracks and playground floors.